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Velkominn til íslands!

Welcome to Iceland!

Pre-Tour: 4 Days in Iceland

Raise your hand if you've watched Rick Steves' Monday Night Travel​ sessions! 

Me! Me! Me!

I was so inspired by the episode on Iceland, I decided to make this my pre-tour destination.

Plus, Icelandair is a discount airline--hello, cheap tickets! 


With their stop-over option, it's easy.

Fly to Keflavik, Iceland, stay for as many days as you like, then continue your flight to mainland Europe.

Day 1: Bus to Blue Lagoon. Toured Reykjavik, following Rick Steves' walking tour. 


Days 2-4: Took a local 3-day tour to see all the major sights along the Golden Circle and South Coast. 

Day 5: Early flight to Hamburg via Copenhagen.


Landed in Keflavik!


Quick stop at Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon.

Map of Iceland's Golden Circle

and South Coast 


Misadventure #1


As I landed in Copenhagen to transfer to my flight to Hamburg, I got swept up in a mob of people and took a wrong turn and ended up back at security.


I thought, that's okay, I have time...I'll just go through security. Well, my boarding pass wouldn't work. So they sent me to SAS for a new boarding pass.

By now, it was getting close to my boarding time.

The very sweet agent printed my boarding pass and let me go through the secret expedited room for security.

I made it to my flight in time and all was well.



Posing in the cave at Gljufrabui Waterfall.

Tips for



*When you're in the airport, transferring to your next flight, don't walk in a mob to your

next gate :D

Photo Album!

Click the pictures to view descriptions and see them larger.

Don't forget my favorite links at the bottom!

My Favorite Iceland Things!

Blue Lagoon - Thermal waters and mud masks to relax. A great way to start, or finish, your Icelandic journey.

Icelandic Wool - Locally hand-knitted wool is the best! A great selection of clothing, accessories, and small gifts (little elves, etc.) They will ship your items back home, too!

Hollgrimskirka - A modern, simplistic cathedral. Built as a memorial to the Icelandic poet, Hallgrím Pétursson. The tower is about 240ft high. Definitely worth the trip up!

Þingvellir National Park - Located on the Golden Circle. Not just a geological park, but a meaningful area with falls, a river, and a tectonic rift, and where the formation of Iceland as a united country took place.

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall - Located on the South Coast. A majestic waterfall that you can hike behind. Wear waterproof clothing and good hiking shoes!

Skógafoss Waterfall - Located on the South Coast. A 60m (~197ft) high waterfall. The view from the top is worth the trek up the nearly 500 steps!

Reynisfjara Beach - Located on the South Coast. Black sand beach with basalt columns and ginormous waves!

Diamond Beach & Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon - Located on the South Coast. Black sand beach with sparkling diamonds (iceberg fragments). Lagoon with lots of icebergs. The boat tours on the lagoon are definitely worth it!

Sólheimajökull Glacier - A place for glacier hiking. Only possible with a guide, but well worth it! A truly magical experience!

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