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Dachau & Munich

Dachau Memorial Site

This day was a quiet ride as we made our way to the Dachau Memorial Site. 

Upon arriving, we met our tour guide and started our journey through the site.

The camp was formed in 1933 for political prisoners. It was also a work camp with multiple satellite camps covering a vast area of Bavaria as well as into Austria.

I had no idea how massive this

satellite area was.

It blew my mind...

Only men were at this camp. Once liberated, it was used as a POW camp, and then used to house refugees.

Even though only men were at this camp, and it was a work camp,

it was still a prison

and a place of terror.

Even after all I've studied, it still concerns me how the Holocaust occurred and how people allowed it to happen. 

It shouldn't be surprising, though, on how easy it is to turn a blind eye.

It still occurs in today's world.

Looking back at the summer of 2020 and the race riots, the hate crimes, the police brutality...there are, and I fear, always will be those who do nothing or say nothing to the injustices happening around them.

Will the world ever wake up?


Plaque with inscription on the memorial site. "Never Again".


Feldherrnhalle on Odeonsplatz in the early morning when no one else was there, except one guy who thought I was German and wanted me to translate the inscription on the statue!

Munich Day One: Duals, Shirkers, & Pretzels

We enjoyed a very informative tour of Munich city center and all of the historic sites.

We even got to the Rathaus just in time to watch the Glockenspiel, (super fun!).


We also visited the Feldherrnhalle on Odeonsplatz, the site of Hitler's Beer Hall Putsch (Nov, 1923).

In 1933, after the Nazi's took power, Hitler made this into a memorial to the Nazis killed during the failed putsch. A memorial to the fallen SA men was put up on its east side, Those walking by had to salute the monument.

Well, if you look at the ground behind this structure, you'll notice bronze painted cobblestones. This is known as the Viscardigasse (or Shirker's Alley). Munich's resistance fighters had a "secret" walkway, to avoid saluting the Nazi soldiers.

I loved this! Blatantly defying the Nazis by finding their own way. Taking this risk couldn't have been easy; yet, they were determined not to salute the Nazis.


Hofbräuhaus München

Munich Day One: Continued

Following our tour, we had dinner on our own.


A few tour mates and I ate at the infamous

Hofbräuhaus München and had a great experience dining in the garden area,

in the rain 


Well, we only had to eat under our umbrellas for a few minutes until 

they moved everyone inside.

But it was fun while it lasted :D

And, of course, dinner was followed by more ice cream!

A great way to end the evening.


Hofbräuhaus München: Enjoying our meal under our umbrellas!

Food Recommendation!




Pretzels are available anywhere in Germany,

but these babies were huge!

And delicious!

A great snack or appetizer anywhere.


Above: Groẞe Brezel at the

Hofbräuhaus München


Siegestor. Gate on Ludwigstrasse.

Deutsches Rudewendengun!

"Tomaten auf den Augen haben."

Literally: To have tomatoes on one's eyes.

German meaning: To be oblivious to what is going on around you.

Munich Day Two: Bikes, Roses, & Surfers

I had been dreaming of visiting Munich since I graduated with my BA in History.

I wrote my senior thesis on The White Rose, a Nazi resistance group based in Munich,

and had wanted to visit the place where they were arrested as well as the museum dedicated to them.

Well, this was my moment!

I rented a bicycle and made my way around the city center, stopping briefly

at the Frauenkirche and St. Michael's Church.

My first stop was the Justizpalast Munich (Palace of Justice) to see the courtroom

where their trial took place.

It was locked when I got there, but the security guy was super nice and opened it for me.


I then made my way to the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München to visit The White Rose Museum.

 This was very special for me, and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity.

A very meaningful experience, indeed.

Munich Day Two: Continued


My morning journey complete, I made my way into the English Garden for lunch at the Hofbräu München. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal of wurst, fries, coke,

and apfel strudel.


My meal complete and my tummy satisfied, I rode my bike around some more through the garden until I found the surfers at the Eisbachwelle. They were so fun to watch--jumping in to catch the wave, falling off, and getting right back on again! I was definitely captivated by their skill and resilience.


My time with the surfers complete, I rode my bike around some more to find an Apotheke (pharmacy) to pick up some supplies. Seeing a park across the street, I decided to investigate. I discovered this sculpture, the Platz der Opfer des Nationalsozialismus (Place of the Victims of National Socialism).


Statue dedicated to the Bavarian Army.

Misadventure #4


As I was cycling around Munich city center, I decided to stop at H&M to look for a tank top and maybe some leggings or shorts. You I do :)

While I pulled up and locked my bike to a pole, it started to rain.


I stayed inside, browsing each of the 4 floors, eyeing all of the possibilities, waiting for the rain to lift. By the time I checked out, the rain had lifted only a little, but I needed to return my bike.

So I took a deep breath and headed out of the store.

I now think of myself as a temporary Münchnerin (Munich local), having experienced riding all around town, dodging traffic, and pedestrians (who don't quite know how to walk in the walking lanes--mainly just the tourists!), and riding my bike...holding a the rain.

Probably not something I would do at home. 
But something I'm glad I experienced here!


Tips for



*Grab yourself a pretzel and enjoy the classic goodness of this German specialty!

*Be ready for anything! Go with the flow...experience the uncomfortable and the things you would normally say,

"no way--I'm not riding my bike in the rain" to. :D

Photo Album!

Hover or click the pictures to view descriptions and see them larger.

My Favorite Munich Things!

Hotel Isator - Our hotel while in Munich. Very nice, quiet, and close to all the major sites.

Hofbräuhaus München - Great food, great music, great people!

Felderrnhalle on Odeonsplatz - A monument to the Bavarian Army. Also the site of Hitler's 1923 Beer Hall Putsch. During the war, it was also a parade grounds for the Nazi Army.

The White Rose Museum - A permanent exhibition honoring and memorializing the members of The White Rose and their resistance against the national socialist dictatorship

Englischer Garten - Lots of trails, the Eisbach River, monuments, beer gardens. A lovely place for a stroll, to relax on a hot day, or enjoy the surfers!

Mike's Bike Tours - Rented my bike here. They have a Rick Steves' discount! The guy there was great, offering advice and directions before I joined the many local cyclists in town.

Gaststätte Burg Pappenheim - Restaurant for my final meal in Munich. Nice, quiet, friendly place with excellent food!

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