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Bacharach & St. Goar

Day One in Bacharach:

River Views & Games

Upon arrival in Bacharach, we took some time to settle into our hotel rooms.

The hotel had recently acquired an adjoining building, so some of us were in

the new addition--the numbering system was sure fun trying to figure out (lol!) :D

I was lucky and had an electric air conditioner in my room. One of the couples on the tour found themselves in a room that was more like a small one bedroom apartment!

It was so unique and so much fun discovering all these quirky details.

We then enjoyed a group dinner at the hotel where we played a game to get to know our fellow tour mates a little better.


View of the Rhine from my hotel room, at the very top floor of the hotel!


Our group with the tour guide.

Day Two in Bacharach & St. Goar: Castles and Legends

The next morning, we rode the bus up to Sankt Goar for a tour of the mighty Rheinfels Castle.

Our hike up the steep road was well worth the "climb"!

The workers were dressed up because it was the 777th anniversary of the castle! 

I guess we picked the right day to visit :)

This was the tour guide's second tour to speak English.

He did a fantastic job!  And, he was very funny!

After Rheinfels, we enjoyed a boat ride back to Bacharach, followed by a private tour.

Impromptu Opera Performance


During our tour of Rheinfels Castle,

we discovered the hidden

talent of our guide, Matti.

He was a professional opera singer before making tour guiding his profession!

This was filmed in the refrigerator room of the castle--a large, vast, open room used for storing meats and such.


Perfect for a little opera performance!

Matti singing opera.

Food Recommendation!


Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte

(Black Forest Cake)

The best Black Forest Cake ever!

So delicious!

And from the cutest bakery/café

in St. Goar. :)

Thanks for bringing us here for lunch, Matti!

Rhine River Cruise

After lunch in St. Goar, we boarded our boat for a cruise down the Rhine.

Matti knew just where to sit to get the best views and not be blown around by the wind :)

We heard fascinating stories and mystifying legends of the castles and hills along this stretch

of the Rhine River. I loved hearing these tales and imagining what life would have been like if those tales were real. Just let your imagination run wild :D

We had lovely weather for a relaxing and breathtaking ride back to Bacharach.

Once back in Bacharach, we had a private walking tour of the town. Learning about the town's history and it's struggle with anti-Semitism and many wars was heart-breaking. We all know millions of people suffered during the world wars and the Holocaust, but I did not know that this place and its people suffered so harshly. The Stolperstein stones were an uncomfortable reminder of the growing nationalist and racial hatred quickly spreading throughout the world. 


Our enlightening tour was followed by a whine tasting at a local restaurant.

From there, I ventured out on my own to trek up the vineyards to the Postenturm tower lookout to enjoy the sunshine, views of the Rhine, and to pray for the souls who were, and are, still victims of

hatred, tyranny, and war.


Deutsches Rudewendengun!

"Alles hat ein Ende, nur die Wurst hat zwei."

Literally: Everything has an end, only the sausage has two.

German meaning: All things come to an end at some point.

Photo Album!

Hover or click the pictures to view descriptions and see them larger.

Don't forget my favorite links at the bottom!

My Favorite Bacharach and St. Goar Things!

Hotel am Markt - Our lovely hotel in Bacharach. A restored half-timbered house in a central, easy to find, location.

Rheinfels Castle - One of the largest castle and fortress ruins along the Middle Rhine.

Cafe St. Goar - Quaint café and bakery where we had lunch, and where I got that delicious Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte!

Loreley Rock - The legend of Loreley.

Weingut Friedrich Bastian - A delightful restaurant and winery where we had our wine tasting.

Postenturm - The Post Tower. Once part of the city's fortifications, then used as a water reservoir, it is now a beautiful lookout tower. The trek up the hillside through the vineyard is a lot steeper than it looks (lol!).

Cafe Bistro Noy - A family run restaurant. I enjoyed dinner here with a few tour mates. We had the special of the day, Sauerbraten.

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